Beaches of India Tourism : India offers an astonishing cluster of beach. Both the West and East Coast of India offer verdant vistas of palm on the Arabia beach or the Bay of Bengal. The most well known ones are the beach of Goa and Kovalam at Kerala.

Major Beaches in India: Goa Beaches, Kerala Beaches, Mumbai Beaches, Orissa Beaches.

Best Time to Visit: November to February.

1.Goa Beaches

The Goa that we find out about – sizzling nightlife, flower child markets, and the marvelousness and fabulousness – is, truth be told, North Goa. The more investigated and every now and again visited coastline of Goa is the stretch toward the North of Fort Aguada up to the fringes of Maharashtra. What’s more, subsequently, the best beaches of Goa are totally situated in North Goa.


2.Kerala Beaches

On the off chance that you need to beat the groups and appreciate a beaches get-away with your cherished one, at that point head directly to the shores of Kerala. For a perceiving explorer, best sea beaches in Kerala is a great blend of peacefulness, fascinate, and transcending pines specking the seaside zone.


3.Mumbai Beaches

Mumbai is blessed to have soulful and serene beaches on its coastlines. While some of them are best for de-stress, relaxation, and entertainment. The beautiful sunrise and sunset are the magical experience one can get here.Those beaches are beautiful, soothing, mesmerizing, and full of spirit.


4.Orissa Beaches

As a general rule, Orissa’s travel industry scene is significantly connected with religion, culture, and food. In any case, in the ongoing years the beach in Orissa have additionally begun rising as remarkable vacation spots.